Simple Math is the Key to Healthy Weight Loss

There is one simple to key to losing weight in natural and healthy manner, and that is by utilizing what simple math skills you learned in the third grade. Yes, that is correct math is the key to weight loss for any person. Certainly engaging in exercise on a regular schedule will thrust your results into high gear, but to lose weight anywhere from five pounds to fifty pounds you must apply simple math to get to your goal.

The math theory in losing weight naturally is applied by creating an initial goal weight and how many weeks you are giving yourself to get to that goal. For example, if you are seeking to lose twenty pounds in six weeks then you would need to lose around three pounds each week. In order to lose those three pounds each week you would need to keep track of your daily caloric intake. The average thirty old female that leads a fairly active lifestyle (fairly active being going to work, walking the dog, completing household chores) would require 1500 calories per day. In order to lose just one pound of fat the human body must dispose of 3,500 calories to rid of that one pound of fat. Before you become quickly discouraged, realize that when an individual aims to lose twenty pounds those pounds will not all be pounds of fat as some will be water weight and water weight loss is very simple and comes off quickly.

Continuing on your math journey for weight loss, the key to success is to expend more calories each day than you would consume to lose any weight. If you need to take in 1500 calories to maintain the current weight you are at then you would need to decrease that number by a few hundred each day to lose the pounds. By only consuming 1100 calories per day you would be Apple cider Vinegar weight loss gummies for sale taking 2800 calories per week away from your body which would be a step in the right direction. If you engage in exercise each week of jogging just three times per week for one hour you would lose an additional 1500 calories on top of your 2800 that you took away from your daily diet, equally a total calorie loss for each at around 4300 calories per week. Those 4300 calories would be a few pounds in the form of two for water weight and one pound of fat each week which is right where you want to be to lose your twenty pounds in the six week allotted time period.

You do not need to be on any crash diet or starve yourself, if you take the time to research online how many calories are in the foods you would be consuming during your weight loss schedule you would find that you can eat quite a bit of food for only 1100 calories per day. The foods that are healthy for you such as green vegetables and fruit are not generally high in calories making it simple to prepare meals for the day and plan your snacks as well. Planning ahead is imperative, do not fall off track simply due to lack of preparation and having to find some form of a meal in a hurry. Make meals and snacks for the week in advance and you are sure to lose the weight in your allotted time table and feel great about completing the achievement on your own and in a healthy manner.