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The inaugural Bitcoin Ordinals Conference, held during Miami Art Week, brings art and bitcoin together

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    This new addition to Miami Art Week will spotlight immersive experiences and events focusing on the dynamic intersection of Bitcoin, art, and Web3 innovation.

    , /PRNewswire/ -- On December 7, the "Nolcha Shows: Ordinals Edition" event at the Sagamore South Beach will be a key destination during Miami Art Week. This unique initiative, powered by Gamma.io, with programming presented by Inscribing Atlantis, serves as a nexus for investors, Bitcoin builders, artists, brands and communities.

    Conference attendees will be part of a conversation shaping the future of Bitcoin and art: From Ordinals core development, infrastructure, and apps, to the intricate world of digital art creation, curation and collection.

    It will feature panels, workshops, and fireside chats with leading voices, including Casey Rodarmor, the visionary behind the Ordinals protocol, and Raph, Lead Maintainer of Ord. Other speakers include founders from leading Bitcoin infrastructure providers, creator launchpads, wallets, art projects, and more.

    "We're thrilled to bring incredible Ordinals programming to a Miami Art Week audience through this event," said Erin Redwing, CEO of Inscribing Atlantis and President of Open Ordinals Institute, "Ordinal Inscriptions are an entirely new artistic medium that blends traditional artistry and cutting-edge technology, and I truly believe the programming we've crafted will resonate with those who appreciate the ongoing evolution of creativity."

    The conference programming will be emceed by Isabel Foxen Duke, GP of Unbroken Chain Fund and director of OMBounties with Ordinal Maxi Biz. "Bitcoin is by far the safest place to store digital art long-term," she explained in an interview, "as more collectors realize this, we'll see Ordinals dominate luxury NFT markets."

    Guests will enjoy curated art around the Sagamore lobby, including mixed-media art, physical paintings, digital canvases, an immersive, curved LED wall, and more. This artwork will be displayed during the entirety of Miami Art Week.

    Art will be showcased with the latest tech by Muse Frame as featured in Saatchi Gallery and the Louvre. Over 80 artists showcased include AI digital artist Jenni Pasanen with NUMB3R xA, actors Vincent D'Onofrio and Laurence Fuller who will create a triptych of Poetic Cinematic Fine Art, Otha "Vakseen" Davis III, Waxbones, Johnathan Schultz, Resaang, Tyler Foust, and many more.

    "Artistic expression is often about connection, so in these increasingly rare moments where we can meet and connect in person, we want to make sure it's special," explained Nick Sainato, co-founder of Gamma.io. "This event will be the result of many months of careful planning and execution, and I'm confident the finished product will showcase artists in a proper light."

    At the event, FFFACE.me will debut an augmented reality (AR) mirror activation, transporting visitors into an interactive 3D space that seamlessly merges the boundaries between the physical and digital realms and sets the stage for the future of digital communication and interaction.

    "This conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a niche community, build exclusive networks, and gain insights that place you at the forefront of innovation," said Arthur Mandel, founder of Nolcha Shows.

    Event partners include Trust Machines, Xverse, Ghost Fruit, Commander Doug, Stacks, Console, Leather, and Latitude Group.

    Trust Machines is the company leading the mission to advance the Bitcoin economy by building the biggest ecosystem of applications that utilize Bitcoin or settle on Bitcoin L2s. Trust Machines aims to transform $650 billion in resting capital in Bitcoin into a productive asset through dApps and powerful use cases.

    Xverse is the leading Bitcoin wallet for Ordinals, BRC-20 tokens and rare satoshis. Available on iOS, Android and Chrome browser extension, Xverse makes it easy to access Ordinal marketplaces and DeFi apps and securely store assets offline with Ledger. Xverse will be showcasing its new inscription service API, which allows developers to offer inscribing Ordinals cheaper and faster than ever before.

    Console is the community chat app built for Web3 and natively online communities. Console goes beyond just chat — with pages, events, personal homepages for every user and more features purpose-built for the growing needs of users' digital life. Console supercharges communities with token gating, native on-chain activity and end-to-end encryption. Console recently announced the launch of its iOS and Android mobile app and is the official chat app for the event.

    Leather is the Bitcoin wallet for the rest of us. Focused on driving the global transition to a digital economy built on Bitcoin, Leather is a self-custodied, open-source and audited wallet. Leather allows users to interact with Bitcoin DeFi, trade and store Ordinals (Bitcoin NFTs), and swap assets between the Bitcoin L1 and L2 seamlessly. Leather is constantly updating and integrating the latest apps from the Bitcoin ecosystem and recently announced full hardware wallet support.

    For more information and to secure tickets: nolchabtc.com.

    About Nolcha Shows
    The Nolcha Shows is a collection of leading award-winning experiential events. Over the past 15 years, the Nolcha Shows have become a discovery platform, promoting cutting-edge, innovative brands while connecting & building communities across the dynamic industries of art, gaming, fashion and tech-driven web3.

    About Gamma
    Gamma.io is an art-focused creator launchpad and open marketplace for digital assets on Bitcoin, powered by Ordinals on L1 and Stacks on L2. Gamma's launchpad has facilitated millions of dollars in creator earnings and supports trading the largest number of collections of any platform built on Bitcoin.

    SOURCE Gamma.io


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